The Decider
The lyrics of these songs were inspired by our hilarious but tragic 43rd U.S. President. For the most part, the songs were adapted from a collection of original blues tunes with other lyrics and song titles we called the Lawn Nazi. The only differences, besides new lyrics and names were the addition of the "Frathouse Window", a parody using the Beatles tune She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, and the original "Worse Than Harding?", formerly recorderd as "Born Yesterday" years ago, but never used for anything. The George Bush speech and press conference snippets that begin each song were downloaded from the GWBushSampleArchive and used in accordance with the explicitly free licensing as a public domain audio archive. We had a little extra fun editing some of Dubya's sentences, but in most cases, the amazingly ridiculous words you hear in these songs really came out of the mouth of the President of the United States in public.

1. It Dudn't Matter
B Shanahan / R Kirk
3.9 mb - 4:09
RightClick, Save Target As...It Dudn't Matter.mp3
2. Crude Oil Man
B Shanahan / R Kirk
4.0 mb - 4:13
RightClick, Save Target As...Crude Oil Man.mp3
3. Way Too Much
B Shanahan / R Kirk
7.9 mb - 3:23
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4. Time You Gone
B Shanahan / R Kirk
4.0 mb - 4:15
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5. Lucky George
B Shanahan / R Kirk
4.2 mb - 4:25
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6. Democrat Adjectives
B Shanahan / R Kirk
2.5 mb - 2:40
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7. Frathouse Window
Lennon / McCartney / (lyrics) B Shanahan
2.2 mb - 2:29
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8. Worse than Harding?
B Shanahan / R Kirk
3.7 mb - 3:55
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9. Texas Wind
B Shanahan / R Kirk
3.7 mb - 3:55
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The Decider
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