Rick K
Rick runs a business called NPB, Inc., a business that designs, manufactures, and installs controls systems for commercial and government projects along the Colorado front range. He's married with 3 grown kids, and 1 grandson. Rick is a native of Denver, and has been playing keyboards for about 50 years.

Our studio
We've found the Alesis-16 to be a dependable and highly progammable drum machine with a wide range of configurable sounds for each component of a drum set. The lack of a real singer offers us quite a different set of problems, but the Helicon VoicePrism we picked up off ebay for cheap has given us the ability to create the illusion of having a real singer. Our recording deck is a '97 Dell Dimension desktop with a 425 mhz Pentium running a 10 year old version of recording software, Steinburg Cubase 3.0. Our song files are non-propriatary, totally generic MP3's which can be run any computer or MP3 player without registration.

Bill S
Bill and spouse have a business called Elliptra, LLC, which develops software for the financial industry. They have one kid, a daughter who attends DU. Been playing guitar and some other instruments since grade school.