Don't Worry
We're not trying to get anybody to pay $1.00 to download a song so we can get a fan base or new gigs or launch a nationwide tour or anything else like that. We're just a couple of old guys with just barely enough extra time on our hands to get together occasionally to jam and write and sometimes record some music like we use to play way back when. We're doing a little re-mixing here and there, so some tunes have been temporarily blanked out.

Just Us
We don't have a total band or a real studio... we do it just like Les Paul would want us to do it... one track at a time, only without all those clumsy tape reels. Some tracks sit around for years waiting for something to happen, and sometimes they come together pretty fast.

Lame Duck
We didn't want to miss out on all the excitement over the Out of Office Countdown, so here's our contribution. 8 original tunes and 1 Beatles tune we modified a little bit with some new lyrics. Click right on Dubya's forehead.

The Decider